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Siding helps protect the exterior of your home. It also increases energy efficiency and will make your property look amazing.

Your Siding Matters

Integrity Exteriors has the service you need to repair, update, or install durable vinyl siding.

Affordable Options

Vinyl siding is a great choice for home owners. It’s lightweight, easy to assemble. Providing a quick solution to any property.

Low Maintenance

The long lasting durable material that vinyl siding is made out of is designed to be easily replaced, and cleaned.

Long Lasting

Vinyl is smart choice for a long-lasting exterior protectant, and with the many choices of colors it great to bring new life to your home.

Save on Energy

Quality insulation and expert installation of vinyl siding can improve your home’s energy efficiency and help to create a more comfortable, attractive home. Proper siding can also help increase the R-value of a home’s exterior, which translates to greater thermal efficiency as well as a significant reduction in your energy bills.

Multiple Options

Integrity offers a wide selection of colors and designs to ensure your siding is exactly the way you want it.

Siding Facts

How Siding Wears Down


Storms can product high speeds which can bend, loosen, or even completely remove panels from your home! This damage can lead to internal issues like mold and pests.


There is no limit to how massive a hail stone can be. These frozen high speed stones can seriously damage your exterior. Leading to internal problems.


Time is an endless force in itself. Bringing about exterior damages like sun bleaching, erosion, cracking, and even fall apart. This exterior damage can lead to internal issues.

Repair, replace, install

Siding Professionals

Ensure that your home is protected from the inside out. Integrity Exteriors is your professional choice to get your siding project done right. We offer multiple colors, designs, and materials to ensure your exterior is just how you want it.


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